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X88 Infinity

The PinnacleFRAMER X88 Infinity (9 Gauge, 4mm Sheet Metal) System is a fully automatic multiple-size C profile production system for heavy gauge wall framing, C floor joist, and large span residential & commercial truss from 90mm to 400mm, equipped with unlimited profile size fully automatic punch toolings changeover, fully automatic C web size adjustment, fully automatic flange height adjustment, fully automatic coil gauge adjustment:

  • The major applications are for heavy residential mid-level residential structures from 1 to 12 stories, large commercial structures, large institutional building structures, heavy gauge prefab modular structures, large span truss, and warehouse structures.
  • Patented roll forming technology, high throughput production system with 20 sets of tools to make sure a complete steel framing system.
  • Patented PinnacleTRUSS design and production system, innovative B2B truss and total warehouse structure framing including all connection details by using only one size C profile for large span commercial and industrial structure applications.
X88 Infinity Steel Framing Machine

The PinnacleFRAMER X88 Infinity System integrates the intelligence of the PinnacleCAD structure calculation software, PinnacleCAD 3D modeling & detailing software, production and PinnacleCAD machine control software to achieve a truly integrated and totally automated design to production system. This framing system engineers, designs and produces wall frames, floor truss, and roof trusses complying to all major international light steel framing building codes: America, British, Euro, Canadian and Australian. Equipped with Pinnacle’s patented roll forming technology, and also Pinnacle’s patented PinnacleTRUSS application system, this totally integrated design to production system delivers high productivity, top quality and 100% accurate output. It’s the industry’s most innovative and competitive fully automatic Multiple-Profile-Production-System of the same category!

X88 Infinity System is fully automated production system, which comes with below list of innovative features:

  • Fully automatic and infinite profile web size changeover from 90mm (4”) to 406mm (16”), with flange infinite size changeover from 51mm (2”) to 102mm (4”) and lip size chnage over from 13mm to 25mm
  • Fully automatic changeover capable for all punch tools
  • Unlimited Unlimited profile sizes tooling pre-setup: 90mm (4”), 140mm (5-1/2”), 152mm (6”), 203mm (8”), 254mm (10”), 305mm (12”), 356mm (14”), 406mm (16”)
  • Another 8 metric measurement profile sizes tooling pre-setup: 100mm, 140mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm
  • Capable of coil thickness from 14 gauge (2mm) to 9 gauge (4.0mm), True 8 Gauge!
  • High speed & accuracy Servo machine drive system, top line speed up to 2100 m/h!
  • Cutting edge Servo hydraulic system, saving energy, saving power, total GreenTech!
  • Auto-Gauging: automatically adjusts gauge range when coil changes thickness!
  • Double encoder, front and back, to minimize coil changeover material loss!
  • World’s highest speed continuous punch tools:
    1. PinnacleTRUSS punch (for patented B2B truss application)
    2. Servo Driven Truss index hole punch
    3. Servo Driven Flange bolt hole punch
    4. Web anchor bolt hole punch
    5. Oval Shape 34mm x 69mm Service hole punch
    6. Large 120mm x 140mm service hole punch
    7. 4 holes floor joist web tab punch
    8. Left & right lip notch punch
    9. Web notch punch
    10. Truss end cut punch
    11. Flange dimple hole punch
    12. Flange dimple slot punch
    13. Shear cut
    14. End crimp punch
  • Inkjet printing to label individually all produced pieces according to their ID!
  • Auto swage tools to make sure profiles fit into each other perfectly in C + C framing!
  • Auto coil feeding & leveling unit
  • Infra-red controlled variable speed 5000kg (10,000lb) coil feeding system!
  • Auto receiving & stacking system to maximize profiles receiving efficiency!

  • Major Building Applications of X88 Infinity System:

  • Low Rise Large Span Residential Building Structures
  • Mid Rise Residential Building Structures up to 12 Floors
  • Institutional Buildings, Schools, Hospitals
  • Student & Staff Accommodation Facilities Up to 12 Floors
  • Column & Beam Open Space Office Building Structure Up to 6 Floors
  • Large Span Floor & Roof Truss production
  • Heavy Gauge Portable Buildings & Cabins
  • Heavy Gauge Floor Joist systems for residential structures
  • Large Span B2B roof truss
  • Column & Beam Warehouse Structures
  • Modular Building Structures
  • Commercial and Industrial Building Structures

X88 Infinity - System Specifications





PinnacleFRAMER X88-Infinity

  • Structural Frame & Truss Design Production System
  • Unlimited Profile Sizes Auto Changeover Production System (Changeover Time Between Sizes Less Than 30 Minutes Including Web Size and All Punch Tools)
  • World’s First & Only, Globally Patented

Integrated Software:


  • PinnacleCAD Engineering Calculation
  • PinnacleCAD 3D Modeling Detailing
  • PInnacleCAD Machine Control Factory

Stud Track Framing:

Truss Framing:

Post & Beam:

C+C or C+U

C+C In-Line, and B2B back to back (Pinnacle Truss)

B2B C+C ( 2 Ply ) U+C+C+U ( 4 Ply )

Unlimited Profiles:

Any Profile Web Sizes between 100mm (4”) to 400mm (16”)

Standard Profile Sizes:


Flange Sizes: 51mm, 76mm, 102mm

( 2” , 3” , 4” )


Lip Sizes: 16mm , 25mm

( 5/8” , 1” )


Metric Measurement:

100mm x 51mm x 16mm

140mm x 51mm x 16mm

150mm x 51mm x 16mm

200mm x 76mm x 16mm

250mm x 76mm x 16mm

300mm x 102mm x 25mm

350mm x 102mm x 25mm

400mm x 102mm x 25mm

Imperial Measurements:

4” x 2”    (400S200)

5.5”x 2”  (550S200)

6”x 2”     (600S200)

8”x 3”     (800S200)

10” x 3”  (1000S300)

12” x 4”   (1200S400)

14” x 4”   (1400S400)

16” x 4”   (1600S400)

Material Thickness:

14 gauge to 9 gauge (2.0mm to 4.0mm)

Roll Forming:

16 Stations, Auto-Gauging

Frame / Truss Punch Tools:







  • PinnacleTRUSS punch
  • Truss Index hole punch
  • Web bolt hole
  • Service hole punch
  • Left / right lip notch punch
  • Web notch punch
  • Truss end cut punch
  • Flange dimple connection hole & Dimple slot punch
  • Dimple slot punch
  • Flange bolt hole
  • Shear cut
  • End crimp punch
  • Auto swage

ID Printing System:

Inkjet Printer Fully Integrated for Profile Individual ID Marking

Standard Production Speed (Output):


Walls Frames: 200m/h to 300m/h ( 640 to 960 LF/hr )

Roof Truss: 200m/h to 300m/h ( 640 to 960 LF/hr )

Floor Joist: 600m/h ( 1,920LF/hr )

Machine Maximum Line Speed:

Up to 1680 m/h ( 5,544 LF/hr )

Main Drive System:

SERVO Driven High Speed System

Main Hydraulic System:

All Temperature Environment, High Power, High Speed System

Machine Length/Width/Height:

16,000mm x 2,500mm x 2,200mm (630” x 98.4” x 86.6”)

Weight (Approximate):

35,000 kg (78,000lb)

Power Consumption / Supply:

3 Phase 380 VAC 103 KW / 150 KVA (per client request)

Profile Receiving System:

Automatic Receiving Stacking System Fully Integrated with Machine Production Batch and Speed

Powered De-Coiler:



5000 kg (11000lb) Powered Variable Speed Coil Feeding System

  • Maximum width: 700mm
  • Maximum inner diameter: Ø450mm-520mm
  • Maximum outer diameter: Ø1500mm