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Pinnacle LGS Machines

Pinnacle is the leading global total solution provider of steel framing technology! Pinnacle researches and develops the world’s most advanced robotic machines for steel framing industry. Pinnacle owns multiple global patents for all it’s advanced machine technology and applications.

Pinnacle LGS Concrete

90% of the global housing construction market is concrete and mason. Pinnacle has researched and developed world’s most competitive concrete build reinforced with steel framing structure, and has proven it’s quality within the most demanding seismic and hurricane environment in Asia. Over 10,000 houses has been built so far, and another 120,000 units are being constructed! PinnacleConcrete solution is globally patented, and it represents a revolution for global concrete residential structure industry!

Pinnacle LGS CAD

As part of it’s total steel framing solution, Pinnacle provides the world’s most comprehensive BIM, 3D Modelling, Detailing, Calculation, Revit Compatible, CAM NC Capable software package to it’s clients from all over the world. PinnacleCAD’s calculation software are updated for the most recent versions of AISI, Euro, BS, Australian, Canadian building codes for structural steel framing.

LGS Design & Eng. Services

Pinnacle provides end to end design and structural engineering support to it’s clients around the world. Pinnacle is staffed with the industry’s most senior structural engineers with structural engineering PhD degrees from world renowned institutions, together with decades of real world experiences, and over 6000 projects both in Europe and North America. Pinnacle provides the ultimate one stop engineering knowhow and support to the global steel framing industry!

Global Reference

Pinnacle covers 5 continents and over 70 countries and regions around the world! Pinnacle has been doubling it’s global presence year on year for the past 5 years! Pinnacle is the true leading global steel framing technology and total solution provider, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of scale!