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AW Framing (Europe)

AWFS has been erecting LGS Systems since 1995 and is now one of Europe’s leading provider of “an engineering solution to a construction problem” within the Light Gauge Steel frame steel sector.


Our concept here at AWFS was created by the Managing Director in 1995 with the vision of creating a less site, labour intensive means of delivering higher quality buildings. AWFS can offer single source labour or a unique offsite system, which has been developed first and foremost from a builder/developer’s perspective. We believe our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness on site is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Track Record

To date AWFS has provided a portfolio of 1,000’s of buildings, ranging from individual bungalows; to housing developments of up to 700 homes ranging from social housing to luxury 6-storey apartment developments and even labour accommodation and office block developments within the Gulf.

Delivering on Innovation

We at AWFS are dedicated to R&D, continuous improvements, certification and regulatory requirements. AWFS has a proven ability to bring innovative ideas to practical reality maintaining our commitment to continuous improvement and meeting client needs.

The Future

AWFS is committed to continually developing our product range and enhancing client relations. AWFS team are continually focusing on forward thinking innovations to maintain our position as a leader in the provision of light gauge steel frame structures and erection