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With its 20+ years of practical experiences in the LGS building industry from North America to Europe and from Europe to Middle East, PinnacleLGS possesses valuable LGS construction knowhow which are ready to be passed on to its global clients. The distinctive difference between PinnalceLGS and other competitors in the market is Pinnacle’s unique ability to provide LGS turn-key construction knowhow, rather than just LGS framing. PinnacleLGS professionals are industry leading experts delivering a pool of international experience tailored to our clients’ business requirements.

Our clients are provided with the detailed cost analysis process and access to cost models for specific market solutions. The entire LGS construction process will be covered from Structural Engineering Design, Coordination with Project Management and the clients, Shop and Installation Drawings, exporting material data, performing on site reviews, and final sign off of projects. Fire and acoustic guides, structural member sizing tools, guidelines to designing to meeting seismic, wind and snow loading, and quality assurance procedures, are only a few of many more. Our clients are provided with project management assistance from the beginning of the project to the end of the project.

Through its industry-leading green building technologies, PinnacleLGS provides its global clients with a turn-key approach to the custom design and construction of light gauge steel framed (LGS) residential and light commercial buildings, specific to the needs of each individual client in its region. This turn-key solution allows our clients instant access to PinnacleLGS design and logistics knowhow, progressive engineering and manufacturing knowhow, as well as innovative building construction knowhow. With the transfer of these knowhow, PinnacleLGS will ensure its global clients that their LGS manufacturing and construction process will be efficiently managed from the day of sale through to the completion of their project.