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The first innovative part of the PinnacleLGS Framing System starts with PinnnacleCAD. PinnacleCAD is an integrated analysis, design and detailing software program for the cold formed steel metal trusses, walls and floors of an entire building. PinnacleCAD allows the user to design, model and view, in 3D format, entire truss, wall and floor layouts for buildings. The entire layouts can be designed and analyzed easily in minutes. The Modeling program makes it even more quick and easy. PinnacleCAD enables you to efficiently generate all framing plans, drawings, materials, panel manufacturing information and cutting lists for the design, structural analysis, construction and manufacturing of residential, commercial and industrial buildings using light gauge steel framing.

The second innovative part of the PinnacleLGS framing system is its capability to generate CAM CNC file, and manipulates CAD data into an optimized machine ready file. It formats production groups and sequences, as well as complex punching operations, such as dimpling, web notching, and screw holes for automated assembly. It also directs accurate and dynamic inkjet printing for vital parts’ identification and positioning.

The three key components of PinnacleCAD are PinnacleCAD Structure, PinnacleCAD Detailer, PinnacleCAD Prodcution.

PinnacleCAD - Detailing, Architectural, 3D Modeling Software

PinnacleStructure - Structural Analysis Software

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Structural Steel Design

Our structural design module covers a wide range of design options and flexibility not only for cold formed steel (light gauge steel), but also for hot rolled steel and concrete structures. The program supports AISI, ASD & LRFD, CSA S136, EUROCODE 3 for cold formed sections, and it supports AISC - ASD & LRFD, UBC, BS5950, Eurocode 3, AASHTO - ASD & LRFD, CAN/CSA S16.1 (Canada), SABS 0162-2 (RSA), IS:800 (India), NBr8800 (Brazil), GBJ17 (China), AS4100 (Australia) for hot rolled and composite sections

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

It is a rule based framing software which automates the process of generating wall and floor panel fabrication drawings, structural layouts, cut lists, and other material reports. By automating these processes, manufacturers are saving an enormous amount of time in drafting, material reporting, data entry, manufacturing, and correcting all the errors typically made along the way.

3D Modeling

Framing rules, details, wall heights, material lengths, optimum panel lengths are defined by the user in the system’s relational database. Based on these settings, the system calculates the studs, plates, sills and complete opening assemblies automatically panelizing the walls. Once panelized, the system generates detailed elevations and plate drawings which can be opened, modified and saved with the cutting list information automatically being updated.

Panel Detailing

PinnacleCAD contains the functionality necessary for creating structural layouts and fabrication drawings. This includes all the features for creating walls, doors, windows, roof, ceilings, and floors in 2D layouts and 3D models, as well as, the framing layout features for walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs. It also includes roof and floor truss layout tools for generating the 2D layouts and truss shape drawings.

Shop Drawings

Creating hundreds of shop drawings with traditional CAD software, it could take up to 60 minutes of design time per drawing. PinnacleCAD generates shop drawings automatically in seconds based on defined framing rules. For example, if your project consists of 100 wall panel drawings, you can save up to 100 hours of design time per project by using PinnacleCAD.

BIM collaboration with REVIT

Architectural 3D-models can be imported into PinnacleCAD from almost any architectural software. Our conversion tool streamlines the overall architectural to framing process by converting IFC 3D model geometry into native PinnacleCAD 3D objects, and skips the trace-over and re-modeling phases in the process.

Fully Integrated with PinnacleFramers for Seamless Design to Production Automation

Fully Integrated with PinnacleFramers for Seamless Design to Production Automation: Once panelized, the system generates detailed elevations and plate drawings which can be opened, modified and saved with the cutting list information automatically being updated. This guarantees framing components will be compatible with the rest of the plan and every component will fit in place at the construction site reducing delays and speeding up the entire construction process. Also generated, is an optimized minimum waste cutting list based upon material types and dimensions defined by the user. Output formats can be modified by the customer to conform to existing production standards. The system is designed to interface with Pinnacle manufacturing and production equipment to provide highest levels of design to production automation for structural steel framing