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MBS (USA & Canada)

Mega Building Systems LtdTM (MBSTM) is a provider of light gauge steel framing, steel joist, steel joist girders for mid-rise commercial and residential buildings. MBSTM has pioneered a construction method using non-combustible materials and an engineered design which provides a revolutionary, flexible and cost effective structural construction technology that improves sound separation and fire retardation. MBS is currently registered in 7 provinces of Canada, and 50 states of USA.

MBSTM offers the MBS lite-weightTM framing and light gauge steel flooring alternative to regular concrete construction without sacrificing strength and durability; the MBSTM system offers developers and homeowners the opportunity to upgrade a building at a modest premium. We also provide design and engineering assistance that allows you to easily integrate our technologies into your project.

The MBSTM system has been developed after years of testing, resulting in superior seismic, acoustical and thermal rating; MBSTM has been issued a Canadian & US patent for this new technology, which saves construction time and money. The Mega Group of companies have provided The Mega Group TM consulting services, custom construction and building renovation services, and design and engineering services to the construction industry for approximately two decades. MBSTM was established ten years ago to service the light gauge steel framing industry.